July 11, 2018
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My bedroom is filled with plants, I have Orchids, Aloe Vera, a variety of Cacti, you name it. It's starting to look like a bit of a jungle (which I dont mind), even my bedding is covered in tropical print.

Why do I love plants so much? Simply because I love being outside. Plants remind me of sitting in the garden, or being in a tropical haven, and that's when I feel my best. If I'm feeling low, the first thing I tend to do is sit outside or go for a walk. There's something about fresh air and nature that puts me at ease and gives me room to breathe.
House plants allow me to bring some of the outside, inside. It makes being surrounded by four walls a little less restrictive and bland. My dad used tell me that when I was younger I used to love running and hiding in the plants in his garden.

In what ways can plants be beneficial to our mood?

For a start, plants provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which means the quality of air is better.
Humans  may also associate the colour green with calmness and tranquility. Underground Health Reporter has written an interesting article on how we can use different colours to calm our minds.

Other ways plants may improve our mood is how it may help us sleep. Jasmine and Lavender both have properties that can help with improving our bedtime routine and are contained in many sleep-help products.Valerian herb is also a very popular ingredient in products designed to help with anxiety and stress, which can also improve our sleep. Products like Natures Aid SleepEezy uses Valerian as a natural way to help improve sleep.

In their own ways, plants can definitely have a beneficial affect on our mood, although not everyone might find it works for them. Sometimes I just like the thought of having a plant as a way of looking after something, which could just be a simple way of making you feel a bit good about yourself.

PS. It's OK to buy yourself flowers!

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