July 11, 2018

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Hello everyone, so I've spent some time trying to figure out how to make a blog website (which I must admit wasn't easy), and now its time to write my first post.

Firstly I should introduce myself, my name is Emma Rodriguez, I live in Bristol and I have studied Drawing and Print Making at Uni. I'm a very creative person and I always have new ideas on what I like to make, draw, write about etc.
Not only am I creative on paper, I like to be creative on my own face! I do enjoy makeup, and like to find the time to experiment with new beauty ideas which I will share with you, and you may be happy to hear that I mainly use budget and drug store products, so I will make sure my ideas are affordable for all of you.

I also enjoy sharing my experiences about my own lifestyle, as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety like many others do, I think it is important to find the sweet and simple things in life that bring us benefit and joy to our wellbeing, even when we are feeling really low. It could be anything from going for a walk, playing a video game or taking a last minute holiday. I have ready many other bloggers sharing their own experiences based on their mental health and how they deal with it, and even if it does not work for you, it may just be a nice thought to know you are not alone and to read others experiences.

Another thing I like to get creative with is my own cooking, I don't always have the time to do this but I do make a mean lemon cheesecake, which I will post the recipe for!

So thats me, and I honestly hope you find the time to read and enjoy what I have to post for you!
Any tips and ideas are very welcome and feel free to comment also.

All the best, and feel free to get in touch

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