July 13, 2018
Image from Unsplash

Do you have wild, frizzy, disobedient hair?

I do! I used to have very curly hair when I was younger but it's gradually become more of a wavy frizzy mess. It's very hard to manage, and as my hair is very thick too, it can take a very long time to dry and straighten. 
I'll be honest, after I've finished work and I wash my hair, I really can't be bothered with it.

If this reminds you of your own hair routine, I have found something that has nearly saved my life.

Keratin Home Treatment

How does it work?
Keratin treatments are a way of locking in the protein called keratin into your hair.
We can lose the keratin in our hair over time and this could be from general wear and tear, heat damage, dyeing etc.
By adding a layer of keratin to your hair, it restores some of the sleekness and softness and makes it more manageable. 

How to do it at home.

This is the product I use and swear by, and I have been using it for years.

Available to buy on Amazon.

Its fairly easy to use, but be warned, the product can give off quite strong "fumes" and can make your eyes water a lot!

This is the process summed up (instructions are included):
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with the included shampoo, making sure you get rid of any product build up in your hair.
  • Blow-dry your hair completely after.
  • Part your hair and comb into sections and apply the product sparingly leaving about an inch from the root.
  • Make sure your hair is evenly covered, comb through if needed.
  • Blow-dry hair again, making sure your hair is completely dry.
  • Straighten all you hair using irons that can reach about 230C, anything lower than 200C may not be suitable.
  • Make sure you go over the same section around 5 times, allowing it to be as straight as possible.
And that's it! The product stays in your hair, it is very important that you do not wash your hair for the next 72 hours, and try to make sure your hair stays as straight as possible throughout those 72 hours.

It also means from now on you will have to use shampoo and conditioner that does not include sodium chloride as this will shorten the time the treatment lasts.

I find it can last a around 3-5 months, my hair is straighter, although not poker straight, softer and easier to manage after drying. 
If you want to save time with your hair routine and improve the quality of your locks, this is definitely worth a try!


  1. i have really frizzy, uncontrollable hair which is also thinning any ideas that could help me??

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